What is Patient Advocacy?
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How to complain about the NHS or improve your ongoing care
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What is medical negligence?
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Help with speeding up your NHS treatment AND assistance with complaints about the NHS

Patient Advocacy Services are here to help you get the best from the NHS, resolving concerns about any aspect of your ongoing NHS treatment or helping you make a complaint about the NHS.

We offer a professional, expert and sensitive service that differs significantly from solicitors, medical claims companies and the public advice services.

If you are currently undergoing treatment or diagnosis on the NHS we may be able to intervene to speed the process up – potentially saving the cost of private care.

If you have a complaint as a result of your treatment by the NHS we will work on your behalf to provide a comprehensive, easy to understand report on what actually happened along with recommendations for the next steps in your case.

In either of these circumstances we ensure you are properly informed about all the facts allowing you to make the right decision about how to move forward.

We can help you to…

  • Secure the shortest waiting time for appointments, tests, scans and operations
  • Obtain clear explanations in plain language
  • Establish the facts of any NHS complaint
  • Decide on the next steps, which may be to pursue a legal claim
  • Achieve out of court settlements, if applicable
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